Monday, November 3, 2014

Week 45: Aged to Perfection

National Novel Writer's Mont is upon us again, and while I will be very distracted trying to bleed 50,000 words out of myself during the month, I do plan to keep up Weekly Art. This is the first year that I've made it this far and I have no intention of giving up now.

Some self-indulgence this week - Shiro Fujimoto from the anime Blue Exorcist. I happen to think he's awesome, and pretty easy on the eyes too. I need to fix a lot of his face and his leg, but I'm just glad to have him fully sketched out for the blog. I actually don't like posting sketches that aren't really identifiable.


  1. So change of plans - I'm officially doing NaNo this month as well - I'm taking an extended semester for school so November is going to be 'pump it all out' time for me ^^ and yay that you're going to keep up the weekly art! You've almost made it a year! <3