Sunday, November 10, 2013

Week 42 and 43 Squished Together

Due to National Novel Writer's Month and general business and a week-long slump, not much drawing happened when it was supposed to. Today, however, I finished a commission in one sitting that was going to be Week 43. Week 42, however, is nowhere near finished. So I'm switching them up. This is now Week 42:

This is a commission for a dear friend of mine of a little role play family that we write, and her late sweet kitty Thomas who died a few weeks ago. It's very sad and I wish I could make it better, but at least I could do this drawing of our way of immortalizing him.

This is what was originally meant to be Week 42. Yes, it's another couple dancing but I don't draw fanart of these two very often and I've never done anything colored or finished and pretty. So I dove in and then life happened as mentioned above. Hopefully I'll finish it within the next few days.

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