Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Week 37: Here Comes A Lion

I'm sure all of you are familiar with Disney's The Lion King and how it opens with a man yelling and then singing in an African language (Swahili maybe). It turns out the first lyrics mean "Here comes a lion. Yes, it's a lion." How's that for anti-climatic?

Anyway, the point of bruising your childhood was to introduce what I'm drawing this week. I'm trying a portrait of Mufasa as he's portrayed in The Lion King on Broadway by L Steven Tyler. I had the pleasure of seeing the show live at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center back in June and it was wonderful.

This is Mr. Tyler with all his adornments and such, though my reference is over twice the size of this image.
My drawing won't be nearly so... complex. I need to practice faces so I'm just doing head + neck and a little shoulder. And no headdress or face paint. I don't want to still be working on this during Christmas.
Already I see that his lips are off, and I've been staring at a distance for a while trying to figure out what else I'm uncomfortable with.

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