Saturday, September 17, 2011

This is Gonna Be Tough

This week marked the start of the next assignment in my painting studio, and also my first time working on a real canvas. Let me say, that stuff sure is greedy when it comes to trying to spread pigment, or maybe it's the gesso on top of it? Granted, the point with oil is to lay it on thick anyway.

The real tricky part of this assignment is that it's meant to be "arbitrary color", and based purely on the color value rather than representing anything with color. Yes, that's as complicated as it sounds. The most simple way for me to describe it is that every thing has to more or less be made of a quilt of various colors as long as they have the same value.

The drapery up top is being done correctly, but my teacher wants me to separate the colors out more on the bottom so they're not simply blended, but each color needs to have its own place.

I've been doing sketching here and there, but haven't gotten around to scanning anything.

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  1. Oh, that's an interesting assignment. Sounds challenging, but if art class isn't challenging, what's the point?

    And yeah, it's a shock how much paint you have to use just to get the canvas covered. I always got in trouble for diluting mine with a bit of water to make it spread easier. "It's not watercolor!"