Sunday, August 21, 2011

Stuff's Happening

Yes, it truly is. It's also not happening, which is problematic. Despite all my applications I still have no work, and therefore no work hours during the last week. This is going to make paying rent at the beginning of next month painful enough, so hopefully something will hire and start me this coming week, which is also the first week of school.

Lack of work being the case, however, some sketching was still done. I finished a couple of commissions:

Started working on another one (today):
And did some Hetalia-related scribbles in pen for myself:

I also have another commission to work on after the current one is finished. Something else I've done lately that makes using my tablet easier is watching other artists streaming live while they work. I've picked up some little tricks that make it more fun and save me some work. Sure I could have read a tutorial, but actually watching it happen does more for me. Visual learner and all that.

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  1. Guess what, you totes have a job now.