Thursday, November 3, 2011

Reflective Beginning

I realize that he last update was a while ago, and I apologize. However, I can somewhat excuse myself with the fact that as of November 1st it is now National Novel Writer's Month, a madness that I have participated in for the last three years. More information can be found here.

The next assignment has started in painting studio, one that the psychology majors in the school would have a field day with. It's a self portrait using a mirror. I'm including photos of the "sketch" that I did with thin red and progress of the actual painting. Also, thank God I've taken a figure drawing class - it's making the facial anatomy easier to tackle.

I realize that parts need fixed, namely the chin in forehead, and I hope to address those today during studio. I also want to add in the dark colors that will be the background so that the flesh tones stop looking overly dark by themselves.

And, since this is National Novel Writing Month and all, here's is the introduction to my novel. I'd like feedback for it from people with a fresh set of eyes who don't know the rest of the story.

"From the Journal of Doctor Joseph Meyer:

April 4th, 2254

Each time that I write down the date, I am amazed that even decades after calendars have ceased to be printed, I am still aware of the month, day and year. While this practice does make holidays and anniversaries more painful, it also provides me with another means to remain human; to remember that life outside of prison of irony is not just a far away dream.

Today I told the young men about cars; motor vehicles. None of them have ever seen one before, but I have done my best to provide sketches in my journal to demonstrate their shape, structure, and sound. It is doubtful that any of them ever will see a car, or that anyone ever will again, but at least it gives them something besides their fate to think about.

Andreas was disinterested as usual, but his cellmates were fascinated. I described ever detail and answered every question that I could until my throat was dry ad my voice went out. I will now record what I have told them and hopefully a few more details will come to mind. Whatever happens, I cannot bring myself to hinder curiosity in a place like this..."

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  1. The story sounds very dystopian future and kind of sad. I don't know what else to think of it without more to go on. And besides, feedback at this early stage of writing is usually a bad thing anyway, because it makes you want to go back and revise.

    Your portrait looks great! I hope you keep posting in-progess photos!