Thursday, April 7, 2011

What's Coming

So, after several weeks of lacking in a non-progress journal it's about time for another one. This is going to be a preview journal of sorts, and also a good deal of contemplation on my art's current standing in my mind.

Looking at my last few Photoshop endeavors, the work seems... cheap, somehow. It could be the lack of black lines that my traditional work has. Perhaps it's time to find a different method of working with the tablet? This does, however, lead me to my plans for next week's artwork.

I doubt it's any coincidence that the portrait of my father that I did for Week 8 was so far the most challenging and the best learning experience. So I'm going to try something portrait-like again, but not of a real person. The plan is to try making one of my humanoid characters look more believable. I chose Bit for this project.

True that her coloring is hardly something believable, but the point is making her face look real and breaking the boundaries of what could and couldn't exist color-wise. For this I found and saved some photos of Queen Latifah as a loose reference and will be using various photos and one of my 12-inch dolls as a pose reference. Unlike my last portrait, I intend for this one to be more than just a face. This is going to be challenging, but I want to learn.

My other current undertaking is the article on Andy Warhol that I believe I mentioned a couple of entries back. It's no assignment, just a topic I feel strongly about and need to get off my chest somehow. I just finished typing it up, and after it's been edited and gone through some beta-reads, I'll likely be posting it here. Researching and writing it revealed a lot to me about myself that I was surprised at. It's also an essay arguing against Warhol being a real artist, so here's hoping I'm not toasted alive for it by fellow artists.

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