Monday, February 28, 2011

Week 9: Progress 3

Since the faces are done now, I'll go ahead and say who they are for 90% of the people visiting here who don't know. They're Hetalia characters, for an alternate-setting RP with a friend of mine. Ivan (the big guy), Amelia (female version of Alfred), and Sebastian (who represents Seborga in the actual series). I'm not sure where I came across the idea of a setting with Sebastian as a cute little mutant child, but there you have it. And my friend plays Amelia and Ivan as the most adorable adoptive parents ever.

Accomplished a good deal on this yesterday because we were writing them. It was really relaxing, which I rather needed with the stress of my internet going out for an hour and spending the time at a restaurant on my laptop with online tech support.

Music: None, was watching various online videos

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