Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Week 3 - Progress 5: Almost There

So I am incredibly close to finishing this thing, but decided to stop for the day. Why? Because somehow, Flynn's face just won't cooperate. It seems... off somehow, and I don't think it's the nose (joke from the movie). Any feedback on that would be wonderful, even if it's just a quick Google Image search for Flynn Rider and comparing my drawing to the results. If I did it, I doubt it would help since I'm artistically "tunnel visioned" at the moment.

Also, I'll be upping the contrast a LOT before it's done; just decided to leave it lighter for now so the details are easier to see.

Something else I'm wondering about is indicating the shadows being cast by the bars but... I really don't want to.

Music: Action playlist, mostly Nickelback; How You Remind Me and Die Toten Hosen; Bonnie und Clyde


  1. Well...these are the things that stand out to me:

    - The eye is too high. Remember, eyes are in the middle of the head.

    - The eye is too small. I know you're wanting to move away from large anime / Disney eyes, but this IS a Disney character.

    - The ear is too low. Needs to line up with the eye.

    - He looks a little chubbier than he should be.

    - His mouth should be bigger? Not sure, but he seems to have quite a big mouth in the pictures I've seen.

    - Maybe add a slight highlight to the goatee so we can see that it's there.

    Maybe that will help? :)


  2. Here's kind of a profile pic of him:

    Although I think Lisa pretty much already covered all the main points. When in doubt, reference!