Monday, January 17, 2011

Week 3 - Progress 4; Das Fenster

That stupid window took a lot longer than I planned, probably because today my computer decided that it didn't want to run Photoshop and Rhapsody at the same time. Some days it does, but this was not one of them. And then I went back and obsessed over the stones a bit, too.

Because the program would slow down every time I drew a line even without my music player going, I decided to stop after finishing Flynn's outline. The frustration wasn't worth it.

I should be starting work tomorrow, so chances are that updates will be slower and less productive.

Das Fenster = the window

Music: Die Toten Hosen; "Bonnie Und Clyde", Tangled OST; "I See the Light"

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  1. Aww, getting frustrated over a computer being stupid is no fun at all. That's why I learned I can't work at 300 ppi. My computer just dies. 200 is the highest I can go, if I'm going to make a large image.

    At least when Photoshop dies, it has the grace to tell you so. When Painter dies, it just vanishes and you're left staring at your desktop, wondering what just happened.