Friday, January 14, 2011

DeviantArt Favorites Showcase #2

Since I didn't post this yesterday, I'll do it today while I try to figure out what in the world I'm even starting tomorrow. Still not sure. "Tangled" fan art is a possibility, though I'd been hoping to do original characters again. Anyway, onto the showcase.

Feel the Holiday Love by Rynnay
I've been following this artist for a while. Her style, great illustration of emotion, and dedication to her own characters is really inspiring to me. These three are my favorites of her characters, and it's been a while between this and her last drawing of them.

Eve and Cain by Tazi-san
Tazi isn't just a great friend, she is an awesome artist. She has a lot of great, interesting original characters and a lot of concept artwork for a Bible manga of sorts. This is a great example of her character conceptualizing.

Alone by Altamatox
A friend showed me this person's gallery last summer. Yet another artist with a great style whose work with her OCs inspires me.

Black Dress by Blithegirl
A great reminder of how elegant black can be~

Avataaaaaaaarrrr by ktshy
This lady has an awesome sense of humor and does a comic called "Shrub Monkeys" that I recommend browsing her DA for. Also, this piece of very not-typical Avatar (James Cameron) art is both hilarious and adorable.

Guinea Pig or Two Birds by rogelead
This one's from an artist I don't watch but happened across through the Daily Deviation given to the drawing. One of few prints that I would actually buy.

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